Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter is almost over and what a day it was. My mother really wanted me to go to church with her and because I knew it meant a lot to her I decided to go. I can't remember the last time I attended church. I honestly think the last time I went was for my brother's confirmation which was a little under a year ago. And that was the first time in a long time too. I used to go to church when I was younger. I even think I enjoyed it. It's just now that I've grown up and when I knew I was gay, my relationship with God seemed to weaken. I don't feel like I belong in church. Like I shouldn't be there. Which I know is not true because I know that God loves me no matter what. I still cant help it though. I miss feeling close to God.

As for the rest of my Easter Sunday, I spent the day at my aunt's house with my mom's side of the family. It's insane to me how much I've grown up. It seems like just yesterday it was my cousins and I who were the ones getting the Easter baskets and hunting for eggs. But now we've actually got some little ones in the family, and my cousins and I are no longer the little kids in the family. We're the ones hiding the eggs now. It's fun though, watching the little ones run around like mad trying to find eggs.

All in all, it was a good day. I'm gonna end it with some Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace!

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(yes, I know the image is from Casino Royale, but it's a hot pic! :P )

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