Thursday, April 23, 2009

You've just got to keep moving.

I was being driven to my car after hanging out with some friends after classes today. It was early, around one in the morning. It was just my friend and I driving along the road back to campus. As we were driving we spotted something moving slowly across the street up ahead. As we drew closer we discovered it was a goose who must have been hit by a vehicle or attacked or something. It was dragging along it's right wing which looked severely broken. And as I watched this poor animal slowly move itself to the safety of the sidewalk, it's broken wing dragging along at it's side, I felt a mixture of two things. Sorrow and strength. I felt a surge of pity rush through my body. But as we drove away I thought to myself, this creature is probably feeling so much pain, and yet it's not giving up, it's continuing to move along. Sure, I don't know what became of that goose, but what I do know was in that instant I knew I could move along as well.

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