Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's like I'm still in high school.

So a friend of mine, we'll call him J, has been crushing on another friend of mine, we'll call him L. L recently told J that he is crushing on me. J gets upset because he thought L was interested in him so J decides to tell L that I don't like him that way and because I am already crushing on someone else (Peter.) So L comes to me and asks me if I like him. I tell him the truth. That I only see him as a friend because I just don't know him that well. Well L tells me he's loyal and that he can wait for me. I tell him not to do that because I wouldn't want him to miss an amazing opportunity because he's waiting on me. So L gos to J and is all upset and pouty going on about how he always falls for the wrong guys. L tries to cheer himself up by telling himself "Well hey, at least I'm number 2!" J then decides to inform L that, well he's actually number 3, because I'm actually crushing on 2 guys (Peter and R). L flips out again and we're right back where we started with a shitload of unnecessary drama.

Meanwhile, Peter and Mary-Jane have split. But Peter is having one hell of a time trying to move on. Peter has informed me that he's been going many nights without sleep because he just lays awake crying thinking about Mary-Jane.

I feel like I'm still in high school and yet I'm a sophomore in college...

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  1. "I feel like I'm still in high school and yet I'm sophomore in college..."

    Although for completely different reasons, I wrote this same line word for motherfucking word on one of my posts, no lie, lol

    It's just fucking surreal to read that from your blog when I wrote a similar line,

    "I feel like a freshman in high school when I'm a motherfucking junior in college"

    crazy shit.