Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boys just don't like me.

So I've just found out that the guy I have a crush on just likes me as a friend. Deep down I knew he didn't feel that strongly about me. But it still hurts. I let part of me get my hopes up. I let a little piece of me hold on to that hope that he might just like me back. I really fell for this guy, and now I'm wishing I wouldn't have let myself fall so hard. I wasn't prepared for how much the drop was gonna hurt. Sure, I'll get over it and move on. I always do. I'm used to disappointment. I just feel really lonely right now. So many of my friends are in relationships and to be honest, I am so jealous. I want that feeling you get when you're with that person you care so much about. And I'm tired of being told that it's going to happen for me, because you know, it isn't happening. Majority of guys around are just not worth it. They're trash, scum and whores. Either cheating on their boyfriends or looking for the latest hook up. I want a real genuine guy. And at this rate, it looks like I'll never find him.


  1. Hey man, It happens. Quite often actually. But no biggie, cool stuff happens too. Hope you're feeling better dude.

  2. same thing happened to me a few months, but i knew from the start he had a boyfriend but i still grew too attached to him. silly me.