Sunday, June 7, 2009

i'm like the worst blogger in the history of blogging..

So I'm probably like the worst blogger in the history of blogging. I started this blog with the idea that I'd be updating this thing constantly with interesting and cool posts. So far, I'm failing miserably. Perhaps it's the fact that I live such a boring life. So far the majority of my summer has been spent in one of two places: my house or Kohl's (that's where I work.) But from here on out, I am going to do my utmost best to try and update this thing as much as possible! I mean, I owe it to my followers. Ahaha, no but seriously, I logged on today only to find out I have like 5 followers. Which was a shocker to me because, well quite honestly I wasn't ever really expecting to have anyone follow me. Anyways.. My first month of summer is over and I've got about 2 more months left. So far I am making NO progress on my summer goals. Which totaly sucks because I keep telling myself I'm going to have this amazingly awesome summer full of life defining moments and memories that'll last me a lifetime and so far the only thing I can think of worth sharing would be witnessing a 2-year-old almost get smashed in the head by the a foul ball at a baseball game (it was hella crazy though!) I'll try to be optimistic though! I mean, I still have two months left of summer and God knows anything can happen in that much time! So until then, peace!


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