Wednesday, June 10, 2009

He's like Peter Parker (minus the super powers.)

Okay, so I've come to the conclusion that there's obviously something wrong with me. I think I subconsciously fall for guys I know I can't have. So there's this friend of mine who will remain anonymous, but I've never thought of him of anything more than a friend. I've always thought of him as the dorky; goofball type. The Peter Parker type if you will (minus the super powers). Except I recently saw some pictures of him and in these photos he didn't look dorky at all. In fact, it was quite the opposite. He looked very handsome and grown up. I was seeing him in a whole new light. And suddenly I felt something. I no longer saw him as just the dorky friend type, I saw him as a very handsome and attractive guy, and I felt myself crushing. Now this isn't a crush nearly as bad as the one I have on the guy mentioned in my previous post, but it's definitely a crush. The bad thing is, he just recently got into a relationship with a guy. A guy he's been in love with for quite some time. Which is what leads me to think perhaps I fall for guys I know I cant have, perhaps out of fear of something else..


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  2. I read something about this when I use to do this habitually in college, and still now but not so much unconsciously. Falling for people you can't have is often a defensive mechanism to avoid rejection. Considering the past two situations you've been through, I think developing a small fear of rejection wouldn't be impossible.